College Information

Key Policies and Documents


Admission Policy (2023/24)
Admission Policy (2022/23)
Admission Policy (2021/22)


Advice and Information Statement
Provider Access Policy


Catch-Up Strategy
College Improvement Plan
Complaints Policy
Governor Details
Pupil Premium Strategy
Student Behaviour Policy
Summer School Report
Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure


Relationships and Sex Education Curriculum Map
Relationships and Sex Education Policy
Year 7 Overview
Year 8 Overview
Year 9 Overview
Year 10 Overview
Year 11 Overview

Further details about the curriculum at Bodmin College can be found in the Curriculum area of the website.


Annual Report and Financial Statement
Audit Completion Report
Charging and Remissions Policy
Articles of Association
Deed of Variation to the Funding Agreement


Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy


Equality Objectives
Information Report
SEND Policy

Exam Results and Ofsted

PLEASE NOTE - Results and Performance Tables are from 2018-19. More recent information is not available due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting changes to assessment for 2019-20 and 2020-21.

Results and Performance Tables
Ofsted Report