Uniform form 8th March 2021

2nd March 2021

Dear Parent/Carer

Thank you so much for your responses to the parent uniform survey we sent out at the end of last week. Your responses have helped to shape our decision and I have included some of your comments at the end of this letter.

Whilst safety and getting students back into the classroom are the priorities, it is also important that we get the atmosphere and the feel of the college back to normal as safely possible. Therefore:

Years 7-10

Return in full uniform wherever possible.

Uniform – Bodmin College

Where this is not possible e.g. for financial reasons or because they have outgrown their uniform, similar alternatives of the same colour may be worn accompanied with a parent note.

Alternatives should be as close to normal uniform as possible and may include, suitable black jeans/leggings/other black trousers. Footwear should also be as close to school shoes/trainers as possible. Trainers will be allowed if there are no other alternatives.

We will also temporarily relax sanctions. As always and to support families and students without uniform., we also have a bank of free new, clean trousers and skirts and shoes/trainers in varying sizes for those that have no access to alternative clothing. Please email cal@bodmincollege.co.uk to request these.

The same principle will apply to PE kit. Please ensure that clothing is suitable for safe sports participation (no large zips or buckles etc).

Year 11

Smart-casual non-School Uniform

It is normal at this time of the academic year for Year 11 to transition to non-uniform ahead of 6th Form and has been very successful in previous years.

Please note that there IS still a dress code – please see the information for 6th Form below. Year 11 will be expected to adhere to the 6th Form dress code.

If you would like to donate your son/daughter’s uniform so that we can use it to support others, please place the items in a black plastic bag and drop it off outside reception so that we can quarantine before use.

6th Form

We have very high expectations from all our students. Post 16 students are the senior students at the college and therefore hold responsibility as student leaders in the college community. Their dress and appearance must therefore be appropriate to support and encourage the ethos of the college.

6th Form students are not required to wear uniform but must dress appropriately for school in a casual but smart manner.

They should remember that:

  • Hooded clothing may only be worn with the hood up in extreme weather conditions and not in the building.
  • Inappropriate slogans must not be worn on clothing.
  • Jeans and trousers are to be smart and without rips or holes.
  • Skirts and tops should be of an appropriate style and length.

We will continue this arrangement until Easter, after which it is our intention to expect normal uniform standards to resume for Years 7 to 10 in the summer term.

If you need support in purchasing uniform please email your child’s Head of Year.

We hope that this decision goes someway in supporting the long awaited and much welcomed transition of our students back into the college environment.

Kindest regards,

Lynne Carter

Vice Principal

Examples of Parent Feedback

  • Getting back to normal routine is important psychologically. Uniform represents and prepares the children for a school day.
  • Everything else will be different, having to wear school uniform is one of the things that can stay the same. I also don't want the added worry of "what shall I wear today" added to the morning rush to the bus!
  • Wearing a uniform puts them in a learning mind-set and avoids social competition of fashion.
  • Would like full uniform, but with less restrictions, so that we have time to purchase parts of uniform that do not fit.
  • He needs new shoes and they are difficult to buy without trying on so his trainers would be a better option at the moment.
  • Dressing for any occasion or event prepares you for the day ahead. Pyjamas: it’s a home day. Uniform: it’s a school day.
  • I think we need to differentiate between school learning and home schooling and we have had months of sitting in PJs and loungewear that we need to get back to normality as soon as we can!!
  • Short notice to find shoes suitable.