Reopening of Schools to All Students

10th May 2021

RE: Rescheduled Staff Training Day – Friday 9th July 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,

You may recall back in January, when the government suddenly announced a second lockdown school closure and plans for mass testing, the originally scheduled Staff Training Day was turned over to the last minute adjustments to remote learning and testing arrangements for students. Now with the students happily back at school and a sense of normality gradually starting to return, we are pleased to be able to focus once again on the future of our students’ learning. Much has changed over this past year and it is important that we continue to review our curriculum to ensure that it meets the specific needs of our learners.

For this reason, we have made the decision to re-schedule the lost Staff Training Day from January. The new Staff Training Day will take place on Friday 9th July 2021. We hope that by scheduling the day after the 21st June and attached to the weekend, it will minimise any disruption to families and allow parents/carers and students to enjoy some additional time as the next stage of government restrictions lift. This will be a day-off for the students and we will not be expecting them to complete any remote learning on that day.

You may also be aware that, Covid19 restrictions have limited our normal Year 6 transition programme. This day will also allow us to host our Year 6 Transition Day and make them feel welcome and part of the College ahead of September without increasing any risk to Covid19 year group bubbles. Year 6 parents will receive information shortly.

This term has certainly begun to feel a little bit more normal and once again the students have been fantastic in the way they continue to adapt. They have shown resilience, positivity, community spirit and kindness throughout. The Government’s announcement on Monday has outlined the next steps to a return to further normality. Guidance for schools was released yesterday so I will be writing to you again towards the end of the week with further information about face-coverings and protection measures in school. Thank you to those of you that have already been in touch with your thoughts, please be reassured that we will be taking a measured approach as always, putting care, safety and quality of education at the forefront.

Thank you again for your understanding and support, should you have any questions or comments please use the contact us section of the website.

Kindest regards

E Seward-Adams

Mrs E Seward-Adams