Easter Update

3rd March 2021

RE: Easter Update

Dear Parent/Carer,

As we approach the Easter holidays and the end of another unusual term, I would like to thank you for the continued support and feedback you have given the College over the past few months. It has been wonderful to welcome the students back to full re-opening and humbling to see their resilience and adaptability.

This letter includes a number of short but important updates to keep you informed ahead of the holidays:

  • Covid19 self-testing update
  • How to report symptoms and positive test results over Easter
  • Uniform for years 7-10 in the Summer term
  • Exam grading information
  • Arrangements for the Summer term

Covid19 Self-Testing Update

The DfE and Public Health England are advising all secondary school students to continue their twice weekly Covid19 self-testing at home over the Easter holidays and continue to record their results on both:

Bodmin College: PARENT/STUDENT Covid19 Home Self-Test Result Reporting

NHS: https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result

On the advice of Public Health England we would also ask that ahead of the start of the summer term students self-test on the Sunday evening before returning to college and then continue to test every Thursday evening and Sunday evening. This will help us to reduce both the risk of infection and minimise disruption to learning.

Your child should now have received sufficient testing kits to see them through the Easter holidays. Should you need to order any more during the holidays please follow the link below:


How to report symptoms and positive test results over the Easter Holidays

We hope that it doesn’t happen to any of you but, if your child does develop symptoms, tests positive or a member of your household tests positive at the end of term, please inform us immediately. We only need to be notified if symptoms occur within 48 hours of their last day in school.

Reception will close at 4.00pm on Thursday 1st April, therefore we have set up a special out of hours helpline 07780 051728 should you need to contact us up until 6pm on Saturday 3rd April. We will then carry out the necessary track and trace procedures to inform any close contacts that may be required to self-isolate. After this 48 hour period, you should follow contact tracing instructions from NHS Test and Trace.

Uniform For Years 7-10 In The Summer Term

Following your feedback in February, we opted for a phased return of uniform to allow for families facing financial difficulties due to Covid19. This phased approach has been really successful in supporting students to settle back into routine. Thanks to your fantastic response to our appeal for uniform donations, we now have a large stock of uniform items to share with families where required.

From the start of the summer term (Monday 19th April) full uniform expectations will resume as per the uniform guidance. https://www.bodmincollege.co.uk/parentstudentarea/uniform/

Please note that the allowances made previously will also cease:

Non-uniform hoodies & jumpers These will no longer be permitted to be worn in school however students may continue to wear additional layers under their uniform and on cooler days will be permitted to wear their coats in class due to the extra ventilation taking place.
Beanies & caps With the warmer weather and the opening of hairdressers, these will no longer be permitted to be worn in class but may be worn in the playground.

Please also remember that hair colour should be one natural shade, false/coloured nails are not permitted and only a single stud in each ear. A single clear plastic nose-stud retainer is allowed but metal nose-studs and rings are not permitted.

It is important that students can focus on their education and that we can support them in their learning without discussions around uniform infringements; your support on this is much appreciated. However, should you need any help in ensuring your child has the correct uniform please use the contact us section of the website.

If you have requested clothing items but have not received them, please ask your child to collect it from their Head of Year before the end of term.

Exam Grading Information

On Friday 19th March, the Joint Council For Qualifications (JCQ) released the long awaited details on how students will be graded in the absence of examinations this summer. You may find the following link helpful:


In summary:

  • Students will not be doing formal exams. Instead, teachers will gather evidence over the coming weeks along with prior evidence that students have already produced through classwork, mock exams and homework.
  • Students will only be assessed on topics and skills that they have been taught. They will not be assessed on anything they have not covered, this includes where they have been affected by lockdown circumstances.
  • Teachers will keep students informed about what and when assessments will be and will help them to prepare for these assessments. Some subjects may give students Easter tasks to prepare.
  • All grades will be submitted to the exam boards and maybe subject to change.

Students have been informed of the arrangements and we will be running a virtual Parent Information Evening to give you further details and the opportunity to ask any questions. Details of this will follow after Easter, including confirmation of Year 11 and 13 leavers’ dates. I appreciate this is short notice but we are expecting further information to be released before the end of April.

Arrangements for Summer Term (commencing Monday 19th April 2021)

As the government gradually lifts restrictions we await further guidance on what this will look like for schools and the extensive protection measures that we currently have in place. As it stands, there are currently no changes and all the safety measures I wrote to you about previously will remain in place for the summer term. This includes; hand sanitising, face-coverings, bubbles, staggered timings extra cleaning, ventilation and of course self-testing.

Having said this we are cautiously but optimistically planning for the return of more extracurricular clubs and activities in the summer term. Details of these will follow after Easter.

I hope this letter provides all the essential information that you need going into the holidays. Reception will be closed over the break but the contact us section of the website will be monitored on a limited basis or responded to when we return. Please also refer to our Parent FAQs.

I wish you all a very happy, safe and enjoyable Easter.

Kindest regards

E Seward-Adams

Mrs Emmie Seward-Adams