Bodmin College Wowed by Students’ Resilience

There has been an outstanding response from students, staff and the community in the move back to the classroom.

Despite the pandemic and the most recent lockdown, the students from Bodmin College in North Cornwall have shown “admirable resilience and adaptability throughout the process of starting school again.”

Principal, Mrs Emmie Seward-Adams, commented, “This third lockdown has been particularly difficult for so many, with students and parents having to adjust to homeschooling and the hardships that come with this. During this stressful and challenging process, there has been a fantastic response from both students, parents and staff of Bodmin College, as well as brilliant support from the wider local community.”

Mrs Seward-Adams continued, “Each and every one of our students are a true credit to the College and what we stand for. It’s so moving to see how genuinely pleased the students are to see their friends and teachers again and I know I speak for all of the staff at Bodmin College when I say it’s fantastic to have everyone back!”

The staff of Bodmin College have taken extraordinary measures to make sure the return to school was as smooth as possible for the students. A testing team of over 25 re-deployed college staff, as well as temporary staff, have undergone a programme of training and induction specifically designed for easing the students back into the classroom safely.

“All tutors are running a ‘welcome back’ programme and we also have pastoral support constantly available to reassure any students who may be anxious after such a period of time away from College. We have an extremely supportive team of staff who are really pleased to see the students return and help ease them back into the classroom. The students have adapted brilliantly to the changes and are really pleased to see their friends and teachers” Mrs Seward-Adams explained. “I’m exceptionally proud of the students, staff and families of Bodmin College and how they have handled the last year; it’s been such a challenging time, but they have pulled together and shown real community spirit.”

Bodmin College had been testing vulnerable and critical worker children and staff since January but increased their Covid-19 testing facilities moving their smaller test centre from the science lab to the sports hall, in order to ensure a larger number of tests can be carried out more effectively and efficiently.

Secondary schools across England are running a two week testing programme of staggered returns to ease children safely back into the classroom post-lockdown.