In Art and Design students develop knowledge, skills and an understanding of visual language through a broad based curriculum. During KS3 students learn a wide range of techniques that not only challenge and develop their skill set but encourage a greater understanding of the themes within Art and Design and how this relates to the world around us, our relationships and historical and social contexts. Students will investigate drawing and painting skills through first hand study of objects, people and places around them. This will coincide with a greater awareness of the contextual aspects of Art and Design by comparing, contrasting and studying a variety of artists and designers that relate to each individual project. Art and Design offers a valuable insight into the world around us holistically and from an academic stance. By challenging views, ideas and imagery, students will develop and produce artwork that allows them to express, challenge and communicate their ideas.

KS3 Overview

At KS3, all students will study Art and Design. A different project is delivered each term covering a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional skills and techniques. Students develop drawing, painting, printing making, clay and artist research. They explore mark-making, pattern, imagery from direct observation and sculpture.

In Year 7 students will learn:

  • Portraiture – Drawing from direct observation, proportion, scale, form, line drawing, tone shading, mark-making and colour theory. Contextual research looking at a variety of portrait artists that focus on issues surrounding body image/mental health/social issues and race. This culminates in a set of self-portrait studies.
  • Natural Forms – Revisiting drawing from direct observation, proportion, scale, line drawing, tonal shading and mark-making. Repeating and symmetrical pattern, press printing and clay relief tiles using a variety of clay techniques. Contextual research looking at a variety of environmental and natural forms based artists. This culminates in a wall hanging.
  • Wild Beasts – Students revisit colour theory, focusing on complementary colours inspired by the Fauvist art movement. Revisit drawing skills focusing on proportion in animals, culminating in a mixed media final piece using oil pastel, collage and acrylic paint. Contextual research looking at a variety of artists inspired by the Fauvist use of colour and animals as well as focusing on Animal Conservation and protection.

In Year 8 students will learn:

  • Pop Art - Drawing from direct observation, proportion, scale, form, line drawing, tonal shading and colour theory e.g. complementary contrasts. Contextual and literacy research looking at the Pop Art movement and onomatopoeias. Students will focus on social and historical influences and post war consumerism. Culminating in a two–dimensional final piece in four different disciplines surrounding the social/political and historical influences at the time.
  • Effigy – This project focuses on the similarities and contrasts between Multi-Cultural Art/Cultural Heritage and British and Cornish Art/Cultural Heritage. It looks at ‘Stand up to Racism’/Black Lives Matter and British Values and artists that have combined these values with Multi-Cultural influences through the use of symbolism, but also focuses on environmental issues surrounding excessive waste and the use of this by environmental art activist to communicate the desperate need for environmental and lifestyle change. Students will develop their 2-dimensional pattern/decorative design skills and 3-dimensional sculptural skills by designing/creating and building a cardboard constructed mask/effigy.

KS4 Overview

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