The Childcare and Education department at Bodmin College promotes a positive, vibrant learning environment for young people to develop professional competence and to become confident self-assured resilient learners who are ready to embrace the childcare industry. Childcare and Education involves understanding ways children develop and also learning to appreciate that all children are unique much like the learners themselves. Therefore learners will develop skills in differentiation and will learn to adapt their methods of communication and activities to mirror the age, stage and needs of all children.

Childcare and Education needs to be practiced in the real work environment in day nurseries, and Primary schools where the learners become professionally competent, developing their interpersonal skills and knowledge to promote inclusivity for every child despite their needs and factors inhibiting their learning. In Childcare and Education, learners develop professional competence to plan curriculum activities having learnt about the Early Years framework and National curriculum. They will learn to take responsibility for children in their care, managing safety and risks and complying with and understanding the need for Health and Safety policies and procedures whilst attending their placement training. Learners will then be able to use their transferable skills and maximise those rich first hand experiences from their professional practice training into their coursework.

Learners realise their potential and become critical self-assessors where they strive to become worthy Early Years practitioners or aspire to become a Primary school teacher or even Children’s nurses. Teachers offer a positive, consistent and enjoyable learning experience, classroom activities are enriched by subject specialist guest speakers. Visits to specialist settings such as Steiner and Montessori enlighten the learners into alternative forms of education. Learners are also offered additional continual professional development such as Makaton training, training in caring for babies’ care routines as well as Food Safety, and Safeguarding Children and Young People and Forest School training. All this CPD enriches the learner’s knowledge and professional competence and prepares them for the next chapter in their developmental learning journey as a Child Care and Education professional.

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