Hair and Beauty

The main purpose of the Pre16 Hair and Beauty qualification we offer is to enable learners to develop hair and beauty skills, techniques and knowledge, which will prepare learners to progress to the next level of vocational learning. All the units directly prepare learners for further study in the hair and beauty sector and have been selected to give the learners a good insight in to practical skills, knowledge and understanding of the requirements needed for carrying out hair and beauty treatments and as a foundation for further study both in the hair and beauty sector and more broadly. Learners will develop knowledge of the hair and beauty sector and use this as a basis for further learning at Level 2 Hairdressing or Beauty Therapy Qualification.


The Hairdressing Department at Bodmin College will throughout this Level 2 qualification, ensure learners develop their knowledge and understanding of relevant anatomy and physiology. Learners will acquire knowledge of all relevant testing together with health, safety and legislation requirements necessary for a junior hairdresser/hairstylist. They will also develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to consult with clients, provide a range of basic cutting, colouring and lightening services. Alongside these are units to develop skills in setting, dressing, blow-drying and styling hair with electrical equipment. In parallel, learners will develop their communication and customer service skills, their awareness of environmental sustainability and their commercial skills, all of which are valued highly by employers. Problem solving and research skills will also be developed. This will be achieved by several different types of research, practical tasks, in each unit, all adapted to suit the individual learner and through a real working environment to which the public will be invited in for services for students to carryout showing the skills that they have gained and are building.


The Beauty Department believes in offering a high standard of training and very much reflects an industry reflective environment for our students. We incorporate spa visits, a variety of extra courses and qualifications for the students and invite various professionals from the industry in to talk about the possible job opportunities available to them during and on completion of their courses. Personal presentation and hygiene is rigorously maintained and communication to a high level is taught. Health and Safety and Client Care and Communication are units which run throughout both years. Literacy and Numeracy are continually re-visited and developed throughout all qualifications. The students will be working with the general public when we run open clinics and be dealing with a variety of ages, genders, backgrounds and disabilities. We teach a high level of client care and communication which is continually observed and reflected upon as part of their own development. Consultation forms and client record cards are completed for each client and data protection and salon policies and guidelines are adhered to as stated by VTCT, our awarding body. Theory work is carried out with an in depth teaching and learning of anatomy and physiology and electrical science. Online exams are completed at the end of each unit.

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