ICT and Computer Science

Computer Science aims to develop learners’ knowledge, skills and understanding through key computational concepts and experience. The KS3 curriculum has been designed to ensure learners have sufficient knowledge to stay safe online and use computers safely in life. It also provides a focus on developing resilient learners who are able to recover from mistakes and effectively solve problems. The topics at KS3 give a basis of knowledge, skills and understanding to allow students to progress onto Computer Science at KS4.

As part of the large Vocational offering at Bodmin College, we like to treat our students as adults. We show them the same respect that they show us and we promote discussion times where we look at potential career pathways that they may take after completion of our course.

ICT Practitioners cover a vast range of modules over 2 to 3 years from level 2 and level 3 that will give you the confidence to go on to university, apprenticeships or work. Students will be learning about the latest technologies available in ICT. They will gain hands on experience of different technologies such as website development, network management and configuration, IT system support, IT project management as well as designing systems to meet business needs.

As a department we are committed to delivering a curriculum that our students find innovative and enjoyable. We encourage our students to talk freely and participate in extra-curricular activities outside of their day to day coursework to challenge them and progress beyond their set targets.

KS3 Overview

At KS3 all students will study a combination of ICT and Computer Science. They learn to use all of the software that they may be required to use within a school or business environment in combination with Computational Thinking Skills and an introduction to programming paradigms.

In year 7 students will learn:

  • How to use the software and systems within the College
  • Computational Thinking Skills
  • Programming fundamentals

In year 8 students will learn:

  • Further Computational Thinking Skills and Algorithms
  • Programming in Python and Scratch
  • Computer Architecture including Hardware and Software

KS4 Overview

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KS5 Overview

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