The Mathematics Department at Bodmin College wants to instill in our students a love of problem solving and equip them with the skills required to solve the problems they will encounter in their working life, be those numerical, or not.

At KS3 we have developed a mastery approach to teaching mathematics having been chosen in 2018 to be an early adopter for developing this approach to teaching at a secondary level. This aims to stretch students of all abilities by digging deeper into all topics to ensure that they have the understanding required to tackle any relevant problem thrown at them, whilst also developing their ability to think mathematically. From 2020 we aim to continue with a mastery approach into GCSE.

A key thrust of the department is that A Level Mathematicians are grown from Year 7 onwards, so we provide support and enrichment for our gifted and talented students throughout KS3 and 4, embedding in them the key vocabulary and concepts which will make the transition into KS5 as smooth as possible.

KS3 Overview

During Years 7 and 8, students will have 5 lessons per fortnight of Mathematics. These lessons follow a mastery curriculum where we aim to foster a deep understanding of all elements of Mathematics, often with the use of diagrams, as well as ensuring students have the opportunity to practise not only the basic skills, but also more challenging problem solving questions. There are also lessons throughout the year, in which each teacher targets specific areas for development identified from the KS2 test results.

Year 7

  • Autumn: Sequences; Understanding and Using Algebraic Notation; Equality and Equivalence; Place Value and Ordering; Fraction, Decimal and Percentage Equivalence.
  • Spring: Solving Problems with Addition and Subtraction; Solving Problems with Multiplication and Division ; Fractions and Percentages of Amounts; Four Operations with Directed Numbers; Addition and Subtraction of Fractions.
  • Summer: Constructing, Measuring and Using Geometric Notation; Develop Geometric Reasoning; Developing Number Sense; Sets and Probability; Prime Numbers and Proof.

Year 8

  • Autumn: Ratio and Scale; Multiplicative Change; Multiplying and Dividing Fractions; Working in the Cartesian Plane; Representing Data; Tables and Probability.
  • Spring: Brackets, Equations and Inequalities; Sequences; Indices; Fractions and Percentages; Standard Index Form; Number Sense.
  • Summer: Angles in Parallel Lines and Polygons; Area of Trapezia and Circles; Line Symmetry and Reflection; The Data Handling Cycle; Measures of Location.

KS4 Overview

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KS5 Overview

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