The Psychology Department at Bodmin College believes Psychology is a unique, thought-provoking and valuable academic subject. The aim of the Psychology curriculum is to equip students with the appropriate knowledge and skills needed to be able to understand and explain the causes of human behaviour and the impact of this behaviour on wider society. This is achieved using quality first teaching, which ensures students understand underlying Psychological principles and can apply them in a variety of familiar and unfamiliar contexts. The aim is for students to be able to think analytically and reach logical conclusions based on scientific evidence. The curriculum at Bodmin College goes beyond the specification, for whilst we want students to achieve the very best examination results possible, we believe our curriculum develops students as independent enquirers. Students are constantly challenged to work to the best of their abilities and demonstrate manners, respect and tolerance in Psychology lessons. This allows students to express themselves in a safe environment where growth and expression are encouraged. As a knowledge based curriculum we believe that knowledge underpins and enables the application of skills; both are entwined. The knowledge acquired then allows students to develop their analytical and critical thinking skills. Bodmin College students are introduced to a wide variety of viewpoints from some of the most influential Psychologists throughout history and the impact their work has had on the world we live in. Teachers are committed to providing enjoyable, stimulating and relevant learning experiences both in the classroom and beyond.

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