The KS5 Sociology curriculum studies society, people and their behaviour. The Sociology team at Bodmin College believe their curriculum enables students to gain a full and frank view of the workings of society and why certain beliefs are held in culture. At Bodmin College we study a wide range of topics. For example, the AQA AS and A Level specifications include topics such as education, families and households, beliefs in society, and crime and deviance. By studying how different cultures and societies run, students are encouraged to apply the theory to research trends, alongside critical thinking. Students will create and study theories to explain human behaviour and the workings of society. For example, students may have a theory as to why there are differences in girls’ and boys’ achievement levels in school.

The content of the AQA course will cover Education, Culture and Identity, Families & Households, Health & work, poverty and welfare. After students complete KS5 they will be confident to progress onto any society based employment.

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