Work Skills

The purpose of Work Skills is to give learners the skills to enter and manage a career that could potentially change over time. The work skills curriculum helps our students to become prepared, confident, well rounded individuals who feel they are able to take charge of their employment choices. They also learn valuable life skills such as managing their own money, healthy living and well-being and first aid. Throughout the course, students are given opportunities to take part in community projects, volunteering, work experience and visiting local businesses. Students are encouraged to seek part-time-time work or secure a volunteering placement to complement their studies.

In the Level 1 curriculum students focus on self-assessment, searching and applying for job opportunities, developing their CV and responsibilities of an employer and employee.

In the Level 2 curriculum, students are required to deepen and develop their learning from the Level 1 qualification with some units being revisited at the higher level. Further units include exploring the impact of diversity and the role of individuals in a democratic society.

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