Year 7 Transition

Moving from primary to secondary school is exciting - a rite of passage. But, it can also be a daunting or anxious time for children and parents/carers. As a parent/carer of a Year 6 child, there is no right or wrong way to feel. You may feel conflicting emotions: proud that your child is growing up and at the same time sad that their primary school days are over, this is perfectly normal. Your feelings and your child's feelings are totally valid. We've put together a few bits of advice around supporting a successful transition and minimising any anxiety you or your child may have. There will be lots of support from Bodmin College to ensure your child's transition to secondary school is a great one.

Message from the Head Teacher

The staff and students are all very excited to meet you over the next few months as you start your transition into Bodmin College. The learning environment at Bodmin College is calm and supportive with lots of opportunities to achieve success and to be rewarded for this. Over the summer term, there will be lots of opportunities for you to meet staff and students and to begin to familiarise yourself with Bodmin College. You will find the staff and students here welcoming and caring and you will soon start to feel confident in your new school.

During your Welcome Day on the 1st July, you will have chance to meet the Year 7 tutors, teachers and to begin to make new friends. On the evening of the 4th July, we are inviting you and your parents and carers to our Welcome Evening where you will meet members of the Senior Leadership Team, Form Tutors and other key staff to learn more about the College and have a chance to purchase your new Bodmin College uniform.

Starting secondary school can be both really exciting as well as daunting. We are with you and your families every step of the way as we prepare for this next adventure in your school journey. We want every child at Bodmin College to achieve success so that you can fully embrace a life full of choice and boundless opportunities. We want you to get the very most out of what secondary school has to offer so my biggest piece of advice is to get involved in all that we do- join clubs, make new friends and make the most out of every opportunity.

I look forward to meeting you all this term and especially seeing you all in your Bodmin College uniforms on Thursday, September 5th.

Welcome from our Year 7 Ambassadors

We would like to start by saying a big welcome to Bodmin College. We are making memories at Bodmin College and we are excited for you to join us and make memories of your own. Lots is changing at Bodmin College at the moment to make it even better; there is so much for you to look forward to. We’re most excited about the new rewards system.

Bodmin College might feel a lot bigger than your primary school. Lots of students, including us last year, often worry about getting lost. Please, don’t worry! There were lots of lovely staff and friendly other students to help us navigate our way around the school site and to all of our lessons. Plus, our extra friendly faces will be here next year when you join us too. We settled in really quickly and we’ll help you to settle in quickly too.

There are lots of knowledgeable teachers here to help you to learn in all of your lessons. You’ll also have a tutor who you will see every day who will check that you are ready for the day. Our advice would be to take all of the opportunities in your lessons and to say ‘yes’ to everything extra-curricular. Collectively, we’ve been involved in the school musical, most of the sports teams, Music club, Dance club, Shine Drama club and even Detective Fiction club. We’d encourage you to join all of the clubs too as this helped us to make new friends with similar interests.

We’re really looking forward to visiting the primary schools soon and meeting you all. We’ll answer your questions really honestly so that you find out exactly what Bodmin College is like. If you need anything, just let us know.

See you in September, if not before!

Danny, Toby, Harry, Bea, Ellie, Tilly, Ivy, Nathaniel, George and Angel.

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