Vision and Values

Our College is characterised by its vision of, 'striving for excellence by putting the learner first'. We aim, in all that we do, to put the child at the centre of our decision making processes and at the heart of our four key objectives which are:

  • To improve the attainment and progress of all students in all subjects
  • To improve the educational opportunities for all students in all subjects
  • To improve the quality of the learning experience for all students in all subjects
  • To assist and work in partnership with parents and carers to improve students' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • This vision and our objectives are underpinned by an ethos in which we expect everyone, 'to be kind, to be polite, to be honest and to work to the very best of their ability.'

    Curriculum Statement

    Our curriculum has been shaped over a number of years, based on students' own views, aspirations and interests to support students in becoming:

    • Successful learners who enjoy learning, make good progress, and achieve excellence
    • Confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
    • Responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to society.

    With this to the fore, our curriculum is designed to achieve our key objectives by:

    • offering a range of academic, creative, sporting and vocational courses which challenge, engage and motivate students
    • providing deep and valuable learning experiences to ensure that all students make good progress irrespective of their starting point
    • sequencing learning to enable students to build their knowledge and skills over time
    • enabling successful transitions between key stages and into further education, training or employment
    • presenting opportunities to develop literacy and numeracy across all curriculum areas
    • promoting opportunities across the curriculum for students' moral, spiritual, social and cultural development
    • fostering a culture of respect, tolerance and empathy towards the values and beliefs of others

    We are proud of our curriculum and the fact that, through its design and implementation, students across all key stages have opportunities to enjoy success across a broad and balanced range of subjects.

    In Key Stage 3, the National Curriculum provides a framework for the foundation skills and knowledge learners will acquire across a range of subjects. In English and Mathematics, a mastery approach to learning is embedded to enable students' to acquire literacy and numeracy skills to support learning not just within these subjects, but across the curriculum and beyond.

    In Key Stage 4, students begin to personalise their learning pathways, continuing their core education in English, Mathematics and Science, whilst opting for a further four options of their choice from academic, creative, sporting and vocational qualifications. One of these choices must be from the EBACC curriculum. Furthermore, dedicated timetable time for PSHE, RE and PE is taught by subject specialists.

    At Key Stage 5, an extensive range of academic, creative, sporting and vocational qualifications are offered at a variety of levels, to enable students to create study combinations that will take them a step closer to achieving their future aspirations. Our broad range of qualifications, including AS/A-levels and Level 2/3 BTEC awards and diplomas, assists in maintaining our approach to inclusion and personalised learning. Further support is provided through courses in English and Mathematics at both GCSE and Functional Skills levels as well as tutorials and individual support.

    In order to implement a curriculum that meets the requirements of our context, Bodmin College has developed a vocational centre of excellence at Woods Browning. This facility has enabled our curriculum to develop from one offering academic, creative and sporting choices to one that includes a wide range of vocational and technical options. In order to prepare students for success in these courses, the implementation of a three-year Key Stage 4 enables foundation skills to be mastered in these subjects before embarking on relevant qualifications. This philosophy is embedded across all subjects in Year 9 in which core skills and knowledge are acquired by the students, whilst the main content for assessments and examination is delivered in Years 10 and 11. In addition, the 100 minute learning zones maximise learning time and enable deep learning to be experienced in every lesson every day.

    Daily tutorials and weekly assemblies provide specialist pastoral and academic support for students in all key stages. Every opportunity is taken to ensure that students' spiritual, moral, social and cultural education is enhanced. PSHE, Citizenship, RSE (Relationships and Sex Education), and Careers education, are delivered across all key stages, through a combination of planned talks, events, trips and assemblies, as well as discretely through the taught curriculum. Our William Hamley (KS3) and William Clift (KS4/5) academies also provide opportunities and support for students considering access to specific professions. Furthermore, we recognise the far-ranging benefits of participation in extracurricular activities on many aspects of a child's personal development and we offer a rich and varied selection of clubs and activities across a range of disciplines, allowing students to develop social skills, gain confidence and pursue personal interests, as well as providing opportunities to make positive and charitable contributions in the local community.

    The curriculum overviews below provide an idea of the content coverage and sequence of topics for each subject throughout the academic year. Please be aware that these are subject to change, and departments may decide to adapt both the content and the order of topics studied in response to student need or interest, as well as changing national guidelines and/or exam specifications.

    All curriculum enquiries should be directed to the relevant Head of Department or by contacting us via the website.