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Weekly Bulletin - Friday 24th May 2024

How are we at the end of the half-term already!! It’s been a very busy one.

We have spoken to many parents this term and know that this bulletin needs to change in format and content to really be able to keep you up to date with the fast pace of change here at Bodmin College, so that all our stakeholders know what is happening. Over the half-term break we will work on this. We are in a huge period of change, and we acknowledge that communication needs to improve.

We will be hosting a KS3 and a KS4 transition evening next term with the opportunity for parents and carers to meet members of SLT afterwards – information will come out the first week back.

In a short summary we have continued this half-term with student assemblies focused around how to be ready for the school day, how to be respectful & kind and how to be and feel safe in school.

We have covered with our children:

  • Child on Child abuse – what it is, how it is not ok and how we are all working together to stop it, both in school and online.
  • We have re-launched our ‘Full Stop’ anti-bullying campaign.
  • We have revisited behaviour expectations and why we have these and why we want to build a better Bodmin college.
  • We have reviewed and practiced our new fire drill procedure with students.
  • We have listened to student voice on ‘feeling safe’ and will feed back them after half term with all the actions we are taking.

We are really proud of our Year 11 students sitting exams and attending boosters so positively. We look forward to seeing some of you next week. Thank you to all staff supporting this.

If you have any questions, please complete the 'contact us' form.

Have a lovely half term.

NEW: Celebration breakfast

7.1 started the last day of the half term with a celebration breakfast of bacon rolls and pains au chocolat. This was in recognition of their collective improvement in tutor group attendance. 7.1 saw a 6% improvement in their tutor group attendance (that's equivalent to 46.8 more lessons across a school year each). Last week, they also had 100% attendance, meaning that every member of their tutor group attended school every day. Well done 7.1, Miss Henchley and Mr Ellis!

NEW: Brightside online mentoring

Over the last two weeks year 10 students have had the opportunity to sign up to Brightside online mentoring. This project is delivered by Mentoring charity Brightside in partnership with Falmouth University. It will be delivering an online mentoring project connecting year 10 students with trained mentors. The project aims to help young people get access to the information and guidance they need to find out more about their post-16 and post-18 options, whilst exploring possible career paths and developing their employability skills.

They will communicate with their industry mentor through a safe and secure online mentoring website until the 12th July 2024.

Mentors will provide information, advice, and guidance about life after school, the different routes into careers of interest (including university and apprenticeships), employability skills, CVs and study skills - empowering young people to make the right choices for them in the future. Please support your child by encouraging them to participate and make the most out of having a mentor.

Brightside have been running online mentoring projects for 21 years with the priority being the safety of mentees. All communication takes place on Brightside’s online platform and app which complies with the latest data protection regulations. All messages, URLs and attachments sent over the site are visible to and monitored by the mentoring coordinator, and messages pass through a moderation filter. All mentors are trained and must have an enhanced DBS (formally CRB) background check before they can start communication with their mentees.

Students will have opportunity to message their mentor in school every week of the project but they can communicate with their mentor at other times if they want to.

REMINDER: Safeguarding - Full Stop – Anti-bullying Campaign

We have continued to educate our staff and students about Child-on-Child abuse in assemblies and through PSHE. This week we have explained to all that we will be relaunching our ‘Full Stop’ bullying campaign and an online bullying form that students can complete. The form will go live on Tuesday 7th and can be found our website:

Bullying and Student Support Reporting

We are also collating student voice on safety at college and will also be coming out to you for your voice.

REMINDER: CELT Term Dates 24-25

Please find the CELT Term Dates for the next academic year, these are available on our website and the CELT central website.

A school calendar will be shared later.

REMINDER: Reporting and Monitoring school absence

From next week, our morning absence email will be re-instated. This means that if your child is absent from school for their AM registration mark and no reason has been provided for their absence, an email will be sent from Bodmin College to the email address that we hold on file for you. Our Pastoral Support Workers will continue to make phone calls to families to support with absence and attendance but will no longer make these calls to all every day.

To avoid unnecessary concern, please could we take this opportunity to remind you that, in the rare event your child arrives late to school (after 08:45), they must sign in via Student Services so that their registration mark can be updated. This ensures that we have accurate records of who is on site allowing us to safeguard students more effectively.

In addition, if your child is too unwell to attend school, please continue to report their absence via Class Charts or telephone (01208 72114 option 2). It is important that we receive accurate information about your child's absence as this information is used to determine whether the absence is authorised or unauthorised.

Our attendance policy can be found on our website: CELT Attendance Policy (School).pdf

NEW: Support for Y11 Students from Kooth

During a busy time for the Year 11 students, Kooth want to ensure that students are aware of the mental health support they can access at free of charge, without a referral or wait list. As students move onto their next chapter it can be a very worrying time for them, having support quite literally at their fingertips will be invaluable this summer. Students can access safe, online support by creating an account and logging in at They have also recorded a short video, link below:

Download the portrait video here


Please find the summer timetable of talks being delivered by FACE.

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