Uniform, Appearance and Equipment

We want you to be proud of your College. Wearing a uniform demonstrates that pride. Our uniform is smart, simple, hard working and comfortable. It was designed in consultation with students, teachers, parents and Governors.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Tutor or Head of Year. Please do also get in contact with us if you need any support in purchasing any of the uniform.

Please make sure that names are clearly marked on all items of uniform.


Uniform List

Items Shop Recommended number of item
Black Skirt or Trousers or Shorts Anywhere 2
White school shirt buttoned top Anywhere 2
Black Jumper or Cardigan – College Logo Wovina - Bodmin 1
School Tie – House Colour £5 Bodmin College Shop 1
Black Footwear Anywhere 1
White or black socks or black tights Anywhere 4
Coat with hood Anywhere 1

Hoodies are not permitted. Please label all items with name.

Uniform Guidance


  • Plain white shirt buttoned to the top
  • Black trousers (with zip front and pockets), plain black ¾ thigh length skirt or plain black tailored shorts
  • No leggings - No denim or denim look - No tracksuit material - No corduroy - No chinos - No lycra skirts - No shiny material

The following are examples of acceptable college uniform. Please be aware that some shops state the item is school uniform but it may not meet our criteria. If in doubt ask before wasting your money on uniform that will not be accepted.


  • Plain all black footwear (leather boots may be worn under trousers only)
  • Plain black tights or black or white socks.
  • No hi-tops - No logos - No stripes - No heels

The following are examples of acceptable college footwear:

PE Kit

Boys' PE KitGirls' PE Kit

Bodmin College T-shirt

Bodmin College socks (optional)

Black shorts and/or tracksuit bottoms


Rugby or football boots

Bodmin College sports jacket (optional)

Midlayer (optional)

Bodmin College T-shirt

Bodmin College socks (optional)

Black shorts, leggings and/or skort


Football boots (optional)

Bodmin College sports jacket (optional)

Midlayer (optional)

Those joining the college are to purchase the PE tops from Wovina - please ensure all kit is labelled with the students name.

Jewellery in PE

For Core PE all jewellery needs to be removed to ensure the safety of all taking part. This includes all face piercings (clear or not). Students are allowed to use tape to cover one set of newly pierced ears. This must be provided by home and kept in their bags. Students will not be allowed to visit the nurse to ask for tape before or during lesson time. It is the student's responsibility to organise this. In relation to new piercings please provide information from the body piercer on date or piercing and when it is safe to remove. There is zero tolerance with regards to nose studs! Nose studs must be removed for PE.

Please contact: Mr G Russell (rg@bodmincollege.co.uk) or Miss B Bosley (bjb@bodmincollege.co.uk) is you have any questions about PE kit.

Personal Appearance Years 7 to 11

We are very proud of our students and wearing the school uniform not only shows that we are all part of one community but shows that the students have pride in themselves and in turn the College. Therefore:

  • Shirts for both girls and boys should be tucked in.
  • Hair should be of one natural shade and should be worn in a conventional style. No less than Grade 2 please.
  • No writing or defacing of ties. Name permitted on the underside.
  • A nose retainer may be worn. Please ensure that the piercing takes place during the summer holidays to allow the area to heal so that a retainer can be worn when in school. Plasters over a nose stud is not accepted. No other facial piercing or retainers are allowed.
  • Two small stud earrings in either one or each ear lobe is allowed. No hooped ear rings are allowed.
  • No jewellery such as necklaces or rings should be worn to college.
  • No hoodies, sweatshirts or jean jackets should be worn either on their own or under other jackets or clothing on the school site. These will be confiscated
  • Woolly hats and summer caps may be worn at appropriate times but must be taken off before entering the buildings.
  • Headphones should not be worn during the school day except at break and lunchtime.
  • Jeans or Jean shorts and leggings are not an acceptable replacement for school trousers/shorts or skirt. Please be aware that from September 2021 if your child comes in wearing Jeans or legging they maybe placed in INTEX for the day or until it has been resolved, even if you have provided a note. If you are struggling to purchase any uniform items please get in touch with your child’s Head of Year we will be able to help.

Make Up and Nails

Make-Up and Nail Varnish and False Nails (Years 7-8):

  • Make-up is not permitted in Years 7- 8 (without exception). Any Y7-8 students wearing make-up/false nails/nail varnish/false eye lashes will be asked to remove it/them. For repeated offences, further sanctions may apply including detentions, lesson exclusion or even exclusion if it is considered to be defiance or refusal to comply.

Make-Up, Nail Varnish and False Nails (Years 9 -11):

  • Years 9, 10 and 11 students may apply ‘light touch/natural’ make-up if they wish to do so. This means Years 9, 10 and 11 students can wear make-up that is not noticeable to the observer e.g. light moisturising foundation, light mascara, clear lip balm, natural colours. This concession is to recognise them as senior students in the main school and to support the transition to post 16 education or work.
  • False nails, coloured nails, false eyelashes and excessive or inappropriate make-up are not permitted and students will be asked to remove it/them. For repeated offences, further sanctions may apply including detentions, lesson exclusion or even exclusion if it is considered to be defiance or refusal to comply.


Essential Equipment:

  • Pen (black ink)
  • Purple (biro for DIRT work)
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Ruler
  • Calculator

Useful Equipment:

  • Dictionary
  • Pair of compasses
  • Protractor
  • Pencil crayons

Please bring your equipment to college in a bag that is large enough to hold all that you need. We recommend that you use a rucksack or satchel-style bag.